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The Parish of ABE is a registered charity no 1131523

The parish of ABE serves 3 Villages in West Sussex UK, living by and communicating the message of Jesus Christ

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Our churchyards




Our churchyards are beautiful places where people come and remember loved ones, and spend time in reflection, peace and quiet in the rural settings that our churches enjoy.

The churchyards are well maintained, often by volunteers, to make them places of natural beauty and quietness.

All of the churchyards in the parish are open to the public all the year round and are an important part of the history, traditions and community of which they are a part.

In the Bible, Jesus was laid in a grave, but returned to life again three days later,this gives us hope of a life beyond that which we share now. Our churchyards are therefore not primarily places of sadness or separation.  They are places of hope and faith – this place is not the end for our loved ones, there is life to come…

All of our churchyards are open to new burials at present and we have plots and spaces for the burial of cremated remains as well.  If you would like to know more please contact Vera Saunders our Parish administrator (link on the right)

Regulations regarding Churchyards

All churchyards within the Church of England are governed by rules, set by the Chancellor of the Diocese to maintain the beauty and tranquility of the various settings.

The regulations are quite detailed.  You can download a summary of them by using the links on the right.

The full regulations are available from the Diocese of Chichester website (link on the right).

Any enquiries about our churchyards should in the first instance be directed to Mrs Vera Saunders our Parish Administrator.  You can use the link on the right to contact her or call the Parish Office on 01243 553955.  A map of the Parish office is HERE.



Churchyard Regulations

Burial of Ashes Guidelines

Chancellors Full Guidelines

Vera Saunders

Vera is the Parish Administrator.  She works in the Parish Office at 35 Barnham Rd.  You can find a map of the Parish Office HERE